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volving the cortex of the brain and subjacent white substance, 13 cases; by Westphal (1882), Stuger (Case VIII.), Forster, and Wernicke; Jastrowitz (2 cases), Curschmann, Nothnagel, Marchand, Chillou, Haab, Huguenin (1882), F6r^, and the albendazole albenza author's case. This last category being by far the most important for the study of albenza cost the order albenza localization of the visual centre in man. Dr. Seguin gave full abstracts of all these cases. The lesions in all were so placed as to cumulate toward the mesial aspect of the occipital lobe. This result was shown by means of a shaded chart, consisting of a diagram of the mesial and lateral views of the brain, upon which the lesions of the thirteen cases were reproduced with one layer of India ink. The result was strikingly visible in the great blackness of an area upon the mesial aspect of the cerebrum, in- cluding the lower part of the cuneus and the fifth tem- poral gyrus (Ecker). To this locality, also, was limited the lesion found in the following cases: Haab's, Huguenin's, F6r6's, and Seguin's. These were single lesions, and no paralysis or anaesthesia had been observed during the patient's life — only hemianopsia. Dr. Seguin's own case was as follows : A man, aet. 46, affected with malignant endocarditis (mitral vegeta- tions), which proved fatal in sixteen months from first observation in January, 1884, through repeated visceral embolism. The case also exhibited for many weeks an exquisite intermittent form of fever, closely imitating malarial intermittent. About December 5, 1884, Mr. D. suddenly complained of "blindness of the left eye," and slight numbness through the whole left side of the body. He strongly insisted then, and frequently thereafter, that bis left eye was alone affected, because he could not see purchase albenza to his left. Examination showed well-defined left lateral hemi- anopsia, the vertical line passing a little to the left of the point of fixation. In a short time the numbness passed away, but the hemianopsia persisted until death. For many albenza 400mg months before death Mr. D. was able to read and write easily and attend to business outside, in spite cheap albenza of the hemianopsia. The lesion found at the autopsy was a large old patch of yellow softening, involving the greater part of the right cuneus, almost reaching the can i get albendazole over the counter apex of the occipital lobe, and the fifth and fourth temporal gyri, extending also firont and into the gyrus hippocampi. This lesion was found to be due to blockade of the occipital artery, branch of the posterior cerebral. The white matter was involved to a depth of several millimetres. buy albenza online No sections were made in the fresh state of the speci- men, in order to prepare it for more careful examination when hardened. Unfortunately, this process was un- successful in part, and only the occipital end of the brain became hard. The absence of decided motor and sensory symptoms during life, however, makes it quite certain that there were no other gross lesions in the brain. From these four cases, supported by the cumulative evidence of all the others. Dr. Seguin considered it as well order albenza online proven that the visual centre (receiving impressions from one corresponding half of each retina) in man is in the cuneus and adjacent gray matter below it. A destruction of this part of the hemisphere inevitably produces lateral hemianopsia of the field on the oppo- site albenza tablets side of the body. As regards those few cases in which the lesion buy cheap albenza caus- ing lateral hemianopsia is situated upon the lateral aspect albenza price of the hemisphere, in the inferior parietal lobule and the gyrus angularis. Dr. Seguin called attention to the fact that the optic fasciculus of Gratiolet and Wernicke, on its way from the primary optic centres, latter end of the posterior horn of the lateral ventricles to the cuneus, passes close under these gyri, and a lesion which penetrates at all beneath the gray matter of their cortex must albenza 200 mg intercept, by pressure or by destruc- tion, the optic, fibres. These are lesions intercepting communication between the eyes and the visual centre, while lesions of the mesial aspect of the occipital lobe destroy the centre itself. Dr. T. R. Pooley said that, without knowing at all the direction which Dr. Seguin's paper would take, he had hastily looked over his records, and briefly ab- stracted five cases of hemianopsia, of which he had notes. One of these cases mebendazole albendazole over counter is the case referred to by Dr. Seguin in his paper. He felt quite incompetent to discuss the physiological and theoretical question as to the location of the lesion, and the importance of different symptoms in helping us exactly to locate the lesion buy albenza in the brain. Nor would he at this late hour refer to all the cases of which he had intended to relate somewhat in detail the clinical histories. He would content him- self with speaking only of one case which has albenza online recently come under his observation, and which is now under treatment. It is a purchase albenza online case which he saw a week ago — that of a gentleman aged 35, who came under his care in 1879 f*"" comparative blindness of his left eye, which he found to be due to circumscribed choroidal exudation situated near the macula lutea. In his former experi- ence with such cases, he always believed them to be due to syphilitic infection, and careful inquiry into the history of this case showed it to be also due to this poison. The patient remained for a time under treat- ment for this inflammatory exudation, from generic albenza which he recovered with a scotoma, and enjoyed comparatively good health and freedom from all further syphilitic manifestations until a week ago, when he consulted Dr. Pooley again. On this occasion the patient was driving with his wife in the country, and suddenly became perfectly blind. This blindness lasted for but a few moments. Upon recovering, he ascertained that there was dimness of vision upon the left side, which continued until he came to see Dr. can you buy albendazole over counter Pooley. Examination showed left homonymous hemianopsia, the blind area extending almost to the point of fixation in each eye. Examination of acuteness of vision showed in the left eye (and this is interesting

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