The Marketing committee has been hard at work creating new Chamber specific goals for our membership. Branding is always the focus for this committee, whether it’s for our members or the “Chamber”. We’re always on the lookout for new and innovative opportunities to help our members continue to grow and prosper.

Some areas of focus include:

  • How to increase value to our members
  • Showcasing your Chamber’s philanthropic & business advocate role in our community
  • Define the Chamber Brand
  • Improving Social Media presence- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin
  • Increasing the tracking of referrals to our Chamber members via new customer appreciation cards.
  • Showcasing Member to Member matchup groups with focused networking events (partnering with Networking Pillar)  
  • WOW factor! Being a Proud Chamber Member

Inaugural Keys to Success B2B Business Expo-Monday, March 20th

Explore the B2B Expo merchants and attend to specific marketing workshops:

Maximizing Your Results At An Expo
Seven Ways to NOT be that Guy (or Girl)

Doors open to the public for a Community Expo
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