Eastside Business Networking Group

The Eastside Business Networking Group was established to aid business growth and prosperity through mentoring, networking, marketing and community support while building a strong sphere of influence on the Eastside of Hernando County.

The Eastside Business Networking Group promotes a healthy business environment by providing strategic leadership, support, tools, resources and community involvement for business success. This committee falls under the NETWORKING Pillar of the Chamber’s Pillar of Success. Thought-provoking and inspiring guest speakers visit each month- each tailored to the unique challenges of the Ridge Manor & Eastside community.

Our members receive experience in networking, promoting their business more efficiently and becoming more in touch with the Eastside community market. Keeping the Eastside Business Community as a good place to do business is a top priority for its members.

The Committee raises funds and supplies volunteers for charities focusing on educational needs and the betterment of Ridge Manor and surrounding communities. Their signature event “Light Up Ridge Manor” brings over 2000 families together during the holiday season. The annual event showcases businesses located on the Eastside of the community. Funds raised are donated to the Chamber Education Training Association (CETA) which in turn funds local community projects through grants.

The Eastside Business Networking Group

meets quarterly

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