Hot Deals Explained

What Is A Hot Deal?

  • Anything you want to print or post, can be considered a Hot Deal
  • They do not have to be discounts or specials; consider them free, extra exposure
  • Do you offer free estimates?  Are you giving a seminar or special event?

How Do I Start?

Visit your Member Page and click Add a Hot Deal and fill in the template

  • The expiration date is what will show/print on the coupon, not when the ad runs which is selected at the bottom
  • Toward the bottom, you select the dates you want your deal to appear on the Chamber’s website.
    Benefits from selecting your own dates:
    • You do not have to worry about having to delete an ad when it is over
    • You can proactively put a number of them out in queue ready to appear when  you want them
  • To supply more information and you have a webpage with this information,  you can change the Website Address in the Hot Deal to  go directly to the desired website
  • Click Submit (Will go to the Chamber for approval, plan 24-48 hours)
  • The Chamber will post for you